Ayurvedic Therapies

A selection of treatments designed to enliven the body and revive the mind. In a nut-shell, ayurveda is an old Indian health system which treats the whole person working holistically, combining nutrition, herbal remedies, yoga, meditation and massage. The ayurvedic approach recognizes your dominant body type of either ‘Vata’ - energetic and alert, Pitta – skillfull and bright or ‘Kapha’ – stable and patient, known as the tri-dosha’s. Using ancient ayurvedic massage techniques, prescribed oils are used to balance your specific Dosha type.


Trained by Tri-dosha, your therapist is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Therapist

£41.50 Abhyanga - 70mins

An ancient therapy combining both firm and brisk massage along with pressure point techniques and yogic stretches of all the joints. This energizing full body massage helps to stimulate the circulatory system, delivering a personalised treatment according to your needs.

 £34 Shirobhyanga - 40 mins

A deeply therapeutic caring treatment designed to nourish the scalp and wash away tensions associated with migraine, headache and neck stiffness. While the indigenous herbs calm and revitalise the spirit, ancient massage techniques allow your body to surrender and enhance overall equilibrium.

£27 Padabhyanga - 30 mins

Soothe your tired feet with this reviving lower leg and foot treatment. Combining deeply therapeutic techniques this lovely treatment helps improve circulation and restore tired calf muscles, the body feels eased and energised.


This very popular treatment is relaxing yet stimulating, more commonly referred to as Indian head massage. Concentrating on the upper back, scalp, face, neck and shoulders this is extremely effective for reducing physical and mental tension stored in the upper body by helping to release pressure, increase mental clarity and energy levels.

£39.50 Total Chill (reclined) – 55 mins

£30 Stress Buster (seated) - 40 mins

£25 Tension Ease (seated) - 25 mins


Tibetan Head Massage

A very different kind of treatment. Using ancient Himalayan techniques practiced by the ancient Tibetan Monks a deeply relaxing and meditative state can be induced. This very light and gentle touch to the Meridians and Acupressure points on the head, face and neck helps to calm the mind and body down from the hyper-alert state of day to day living, excellent for reducing the effects of stress, relaxing facial muscles and helping promote restful sleep. £30 - 40 mins

Hot Stones Therapy

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth, polished Basalt stones are heated and incorporated into the massage. As the heat from these stones is easily absorbed by the muscles, a deeper treatment can be experienced, helping relieve stress and loosens tight muscles, making this a thoroughly relaxing and unforgettable massage experience. Cold stones are used on the face to calm and revive the skin, also used where muscles are inflamed

£49 Full body - 70mins

£41.50 Back neck and shoulders – 40mins

£47 Hot & Cold Stones Facial – 70mins

£28.50 Leg & Foot treatment – 25mins