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Organic Beauties

Here at 'Green Sapphire' we have a fabulous range of facials to suit every budget. We use only ethically sourced skincare with 100% natural plant extracts and organic ingredients by 'Essentially Yours'. Made in the UK, these beautiful products are BUAV (cruelty free) & Vegan Society approved. They contain no Petro-chemicals, Parables or Sodium Laurel Sulphate, kinder to your skin, to the planet and not to mention the poor bunny!

Hot & Cold Stones Facial – 70 mins £47.00

A luxurious and detoxifying facial, suitable for all skin types. The heat energy of the stones de-stresses, energises and deep cleanses, whilst the cold stones tone, refresh and soothe. Your journey begins with a relaxing hot stones back massage and is followed by a truly magical hot & cold stones facial.

Part our Hot Stones Therapy selection.


Chocolate Facial – 70 mins £47.00

A rich & luxurious experience for all you ‘chocoholics’. The fusion of organic essential oil of mandarin and organic chocolate along with its high 85% cocoa values lie at the core of this fabulous treatment and its advanced anti-ageing properties. Chocolate is just bursting with natural health & goodness: Anti-oxidants, vitamins & lipids to super hydrate and lift.


Holistic Facial Experience – 70 mins £41.50

“Do I go for a facial or a massage?” If you simply can’t decide, then this very popular treatment is the perfect choice because you get a taste of everything. The treatment begins with a relaxing Aromatherapy back massage followed by a Reflexology inspired pressure point experience. The treatment continues with a gentle, soothing facial & Indian Head massage, helping to smooth away the day’s tension and quieten the chattering mind. You simply won’t want to leave.

Part of our Holistic Therapy selection.


’10 Years Younger’ – 70 mins £41.50

We all want that quick fix but at what cost? Chemical peels and botox treatments appear to offer the answer to our prayers but what does the skin look like after a few years of these treatments. Here, our holistic approach to younger skin is achieved by specific facial massage and pressure point techniques. This luxurious treatment encourages lymphatic drainage helping to lift and plump, while the restoring benefits of Lavender, Geranium and Patchouli help restore vitality and hydration to tired, dry and lacklustre skin. A natural lift, without the need for injectables, you won’t be disappointed.


‘Soundaram Vardini’ – 70 mins £41.50

Pronounced sound-ar-um var-dee-ni. This is an Ayurvedic Facial where authentic Ayurvedic oils, specific to your ‘Dosha’ profile are used to deliver an ancient Asian specialist marma (meaning hidden) point massage techniques to the face, head and the upper body.

Party of our Ayurvedic Therapy Selection.

Purifying Experience - 70 mins £41.50

This pressure point massage facial promotes relaxation without over stimulating the skin, including a treatment that’s quite simply a facial for the back, involving cleansing, exfoliation plus a purifying mask. Cucumber, Lemongrass & Lime actively penetrate the pores without drying, lifting impurities and congestion to both the back & face. Skin will appear clarified, purified & mattified therefore perfect for troubled skin. No more shine, nice for teenagers.

Part of our Detox Therapy selection.

Velvet Smooth - 55 mins £36.00

Simply a beautifully relaxing facial including scalp, hand & arm massage choose between:

Beauty on the Run - 25 mins £23.00

An express facial designed to refresh the skin or for skin care advice. Great as an ‘add – on’ treatment or for those short of time.