Please note: not suitable during the first trimester

£49 ‘Pregnancy Spa' - 70mins.

A full body spa experience, your journey includes a full body massage with pressure point face & scalp massage, the tummy smoothing ‘Mountain Flowers’ and the pampering ‘Leg Refresher’. You will leave feeling lighter and brighter but completely chilled out.

£36 'Chilled out Mamma' - 55 mins

A full body massage including pressure point face & scalp experience. Soothing essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Sweet Orange are used in safe quantities, smells heavenly and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Gently uplifting the mind, body and soul!

£31.50 'Mountain Flowers' - 25 mins

This moisturizing tummy treatment helps to soothe and soften the tummies tightening skin. Shea butter, avocado and rosehip seed oil with essential oils of lavender, manderin, neroli and frankincense work synergistically to improve the skin elasticity, and can help improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. Includes tummy brushing and gentle exfoliation to help alleviate tight itchy skin, anti-stretch mark tummy mask and hand & arm massage

£28.50 'Vital Touch' - 40 mins

Back and upper body massage specially designed to help relieve the tension and muscle fatigue often experienced as a result of carrying extra weight. This Treatment focuses on the specific muscles responsible for supporting the pregnant tummy while a gentle scalp massage completes the relaxing experience.

£20 'Leg Refresher' - 25 mins

A wonderfully soothing and cooling lower leg & foot pamper experience. Includes exfoliation to revive and rejuvenate the skin, aloe vera to refresh and pure essential oils of cypress, geranium and lemon to help circulation, resulting in lighter feeling legs.

Aromatherapy Massage

This is a gentle but powerful treatment where hypnotic, eastern massage techniques are used to deliver your prescribed essential oils, carefully chosen to suit your individual needs. On an emotional level, these aromas can have a dynamic effect on the part of the brain which governs our most basic of instincts, our memories & emotion.

£41.50 full body - 70mins

£31.50 back, neck & shoulders - 40mins.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm-pressured therapeutic treatment, which can help alleviate muscular pain, spasms & stress. As this is a deep massage it makes a great pre-sport treatment.

£36 full body - 55mins

29 back, neck & shoulders - 40mins.

£41.50 Manual Lymphatic Drainage- 70mins

Detoxifying oils are delivered through very gentle and slow massage techniques, which concentrate on the lymphatic system, working with the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

£49.00 Madara Cellulite Treatment – 70 mins

Blitz that ‘orange peel’ skin with this deluxe full body organic treatment using Baltic Algae and Horse Chestnut along with a fat busting massage, body brushing and exfoliation.

£49.00 Delux Detox Treatment – 70 mins

This totally unique body treatment includes a warm herbal stomach compress, body brushing and meridian massage. Perfect if you feel a little sluggish or when there is a desire to detox.